Monday, March 24, 2008

vedic concept of water prayer

Water of a certain quantity is taken equally in two mud made pots & in one pot it is made such that the water in it has a reflection of good words written on leaves and the other pot water has bad words reflected and for instance let us take another pot of water with nothing reflecting in it.
Now,if we observe after ten minutes we observe varying effects in the water pots.
This experiment is done by a Japanese scientist.
This means that every nature's element behaves differently with respect to their conditions surrounding it.
So when ever you are drinking water or eating food(vegetarian-vedic diet)please chant some vedic mantras such as the following:-
om praanaaya svaahaa
om apaanaaya svaahaa
om udaanaaya svaahaa
om vyaanaaya svaahaa
om samaanaaya svaahaa
It produces a pious effect on you and surroundings.

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