Sunday, May 25, 2008


è A group of words collected together making a sentence in the form of a poem for praising the God i.e., requesting him for something in Sanskrit language only infront of a natural element is known as a Mantra.
è The mantra spreads all over the universe,a set of vibrations or waves that effect the system & surroundings of the universe in a good manner if & only if the mantra meaning is of a good meaning, and bad iff mantra means to be bad for sake of greedy or selfishness.
è The mantra actually functions from ear to brain,then to the whole physical body (it vibrates with respect to the mantra).
è Similarily,the mantras actually functions from atom to atom i.e., it vibrates them.
è The mantra also functions most powerful on the astral body than the physical body,hence the seven yogic chakras of the astral body rotate with the help of the oxygen and generates us the kundalini power & energy for both astral & physical body.
è Generally,the mantras that effect the astral body are known as the Beejamantras.
àThe most powerful beejamantra among is “raam”.
è The mantra chanting or just listening to it is a process of meditation known as Mantra Meditation or Transcendental Meditation.
è By chanting a mantra,since they are of a long length of almost ,we will have to chant it through out till it’s ending word from starting,we say by stopping our breath and after we complete reading it we take the breath i.e., a deep inhaler & simultaneously a deep exhale.This is known as pranaayama.
è If this gets habituated i.e., chanting of various mantras from various vedic literatures,then the breath of our’s remains a deeper one.
è Our breath per minute decreases,hence life span increases.
è Speaking the tough Sanskrit words (spelling),our concentration increases.
è We have to concentrate every moment (not a second) to read a Sanskrit mantra.
è As we will be made to remember a lot of mantras available in various vedic literatures,our memory power increases.
è The meaning of the mantras may teach us something.
è The mantra is the medium for life force or praana and kundalini energy.
è The life force is nothing but oxygen in air that we intake.
è There are many techniques or methods in Hinduism that are scientific.
è Everything around us from a minute particle to the universe is scientific.

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