Monday, May 26, 2008

Trishulam - The Trident

There is a usage “Devadeva Trisulanga”, in the ‘ Vynanabhairava Tatra’ . Trident is described as the weapon of Bhairavam( sloka – 22 ). One who produces the terrible ‘ravam’/ sound is Bhairavam. In Vedic context, the meaning
of Bhira is ‘ Rudra’ . The trident has three prongs. This text
clearly staes that the trident represents these three
qualities namely- will power, the power of knowledge
and the power to perform .

The names – ‘ ichchashakti’ , ‘jnanashakti’, ‘ kriyashakti swaroopini’, in the Lalithasahasranaamam, also makes this idea clear.
The will power or desire is very necessary to achieve success in life. Majority of people commit suicide just because they are not able to confront the minor problems in their life. One who has will power will never be affected by these problems, and will easily overcome them. Tremendous will power is needed to make life a joyful celebration.. Then, there will only be success in our life. Today, there are various classes on personality development conducted all over our country.But the basic lessons, regarding all this are learnt from the family deity. The first prong in the Kuladevata’s hand represents will power. The second prong denotes the power to perform. Nowadays we can see a procession of unemployed people all over the country. Those who do not have the will power or intense desire, will not have the power to perform or create also.It is with intense determination that we should enter our field of work and we should be determined to achieve success in life. The third prong of the trident represents the power of knowledge. Without knowledge, we cannot do anything with originality. Kuladevata advises us to be active and not to waste our time being inactive. The trident, which is the second aspect of Bhadrakali, thus helps the Sadhaka to ascend the ladder of success in life.

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