Monday, May 26, 2008

Uni God principle first originated in the Vedas

Many people make fun of Hinduism for worshipping many Devataas. And I have also been ridiculed at for saying that we have 33 crores of Devataas. Indeed we have affluence in the aspect of deities also. We have millions of deities but God is one and only one.In fact God pervades the entire Universe whereas Devataas do not mean God(Eeshwara). There is a root word ‘div’ which means that which illumines itself, or illuminates something else. So whatever illumines itself, or illuminates something else are all Devataas. Then a doubt may arise in our mind as to how come God is only one? God is like electricity. What is the nature of electricity? Everyone knows that electricity has no form or shape. Where does one find electricity?It is available everywhere. Now let us presume that God is like electricity. So what are the different ways through which God works? On the T.V, it helps us view the cinema, through the tape recorder, it helps you to listen to music, through the fan, it gets you wind, through the A.C, it makes you cool. But are these the different forms of electricity? You can either answer positively or negatively.

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