Monday, May 26, 2008

What is multi - God worship?

As per Hinduism , the very divine life form fills and pervades the Universe. What is pervading the entire Universe is the very same divine force. Thus Divinity pervades everywhere. Hence we have to understand that there exists a God and there also exists a universe, which is overflowing with Divinity and you are also existing here to experience and make use of this physical world. That is why? The idea is depicted in the Eeshovaasya Upanishad as follows. This universe is clouded by Eeshwara. Hence make use of everything available , but with an attitude of renunciation.This entire Universe is a supermarket which is overflowing with Divine grace. There is nothing that is not available in any supermarket. Everything that is needed in a locality is available in the local supermarket. But the entire things available are not needed by a single person. There is always a certain estimate for the things needed in an ordinary house. And things are brought as per the estimate, like a kilo of sugar, ten kilos of rice etc. This is the same with Devatas also . God is inexaustable, eternal grace and each individual needs certain gunas. In other words, each individual needs certain specific gunas or aspects of this Eternal glow
Now let us take the following example. Imagine that there is a girl of marriageable age in a house .Her .marriage has not been solemnized yet. So obviously the prayers of the members of that house will be directed towards getting her married as soon as possible. For them, God should appear before them in the form of a bridegroom. That is why the pooja offered as ‘Swayamvara Parvathidevi’. This ‘Swayamvara Parvathidevi’ is a specific power aspect of Eeshwara., that makes possible a marriage to be solemnized. This technique to realize or achieve the specific power of Eeshwara is called ‘tantra’ . And the application of various sound vibrations for this purpose is called ‘ mantra’.
Exactly similar are the various aspects of God also. For the moneyless, He is money; for the hungry , He is food; for the restless, He is peace; for the ignorant, He is wisdom. People pray to God for wealth and riches. Here Lakshmi is the wealth aspect of Eeshwara. Sreedevi and Sreelakshmi are such techniques devised to attain this Divine grace suited to one’s needs. The temples, ‘kavukal’ etc are also in fact such perfectly devised ways and means to attain the omniscient Divine grace congenial to one’s needs and purposes. Still a problem may arise in our mind as to “ I too go to temples. Yet I have not benefited in any way. Why ?” This question gains great significance and the answer is also readily available. But that very answer is the cause for the total failue of the present day Hindu. Because, not paying heed to this answer led to the decline of tis noble and ancient culture called Hinduism, to such a deplorable state as we see today.

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