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What is meant by ‘Kuladevata’ ?

As mentioned earlier, Devata is nothing but the restructured aspect of the omnipresent, the omnipotent and the omniscient Divine grace to suit one’s own needs. Hence, the japa ‘Medhasuktha’ is to enhance the power of intellect in children and similarly, the ‘Saraswathisuktham’ is to awaken Goddess Saraswati.These are readily available in the Vedas. In ancient times, everybody used to learn the Vedas and also used to regularly practice and apply it in their daily lives. But later, the learning of the Vedas began to decline and digress. The Rishis were well aware of this as they could forsee the same. The ability to know and foresee all the three periods, the past, present and the future-this is called ‘Rishitwa’
The Rishis were well aware of the intellectual ability of the future generation. Consequently, they thought of ways and means to inspire the future generations to get engrossed in ‘Sadhana.’ They told the next generation to utter certain sounds (viz) ‘aim’, ‘hreem’, ‘kleem’ and so on. These sounds did not have any apecific meaning, but while listening to such sounds, certain changes take place in the brain and in the nervous system. They made each and everyone do ‘japa’( which includes such sounds) which naturally made remarkable changes in them.
As they progressed in their japas, various novel ideas began to appear distinctly in their thought process, which other people had never thought of till then. Their weakness and shortcomings began to nullify. Of course, they may be various other causes for weakness and problems like the environment, the soil, the climate, the earth, etc. All these factors affect and influence our brain and also our body language.These conditions led to grave and marked changes in ourselves. Hence the great Rishis , using their foresight asked people to utter such words, which though meaningless, are immensely powerful .The utterance of such words were advised with a view to produce strong, healthy , happy and great personalities and thereby creating healthy , happy and strong families by completely getting rid of all the negative and weakening aspects of personality development.
These sounds mentioned above became causative factors in making incessant changes in the nerves, brain, blood vessels and the inner radiance of those who utter them. These immensely powerful sounds are called ‘Beejamatram’. On chanting this‘Beejamatram’, an extremely powerful radiance is produced within ourselves. This same radiance is what is visualized by the modern practitioners of Yogasana , as the radiance at the centre called ‘Bhoomimadhya’. Naturally the radiance begins zooming within us, the moment we start the mantra Sadhana. This amazing power aspect also relieves us of our weaknesses and shortcomings. Modern physics has discovered that the sounds uttered can be changed into various forms. This is what the ancient people also did in those days. All the four-headed Devatas, that we have today are all the resultant forms obtained by the utterance of such Beejaksharas. There is a state involved out of these Beejakshara utterances.
Thus , there was a time once, when we had sustained our affluence by performing the Beejakshara japas very well conscious of the amazing changes that could made in us. That is the reason why our country was overflowing with affluence in all respects. Some people say that their ‘Tharavadu’ (ancestral home), was a storehouse of everything. But what about their condition today ? .Totally pathetic, with almost nothing. On the verge of destruction and extinction. And if they are well of, then they suffer from such poor health that, they don’t even have a time free from visiting doctors and hospitals.
The state of most people today is that they have nothing in spite of having everything.
Have you ever paused for a moment to think ,why is it so? It is only because, all those Devataas and mantras which were capable of attaining paramount progress and prosperity for us , have vanished into thin air. Thus in order to redeem and revive us from all our difficulties and setbacks, our ancient Rishis who had propounded the mantras for us, themselves gave forms also for those mantras. This Devataa formed is the Kuladevata. Each family has its own problems and setbacks .The solution then prepared by the Rishis for each family is called ‘Kuladevata ’ (family deity).
Once, while giving a speech, I happened to talk about the Kuladevata. Soon after the speech, a person approached me. and placed his problem. That is his father died of cancer. His son, that is the elder brother of the person conversing, also died of the same disease. People said that this is a genetic disorder and that it is hereditary. Now, his mother was also afflicted with cancer. This could never happen if it is hereditary. So immediately I advised him to find out the location of his Kuladevata. He returned after two days. It seems, they had constructed a toilet at the site meant for the Kuladevata. Naturally ,it is no wonder that they are afflicted with such fatal diseases like cancer.
Because our Rishis had prepared and given this Kuladevata, all the problems-mental, financial, health, physical and of the family could be got rid of. Nowadays, many people approach an astrologer for a solution when they are confronted with a problem.When the astrologer analyses the problem, he tells them that the person concerned does not have the grace of his Kuladevata. But many of us including the solution seeker may answer that we don’t have a knowledge of such a Devataa., for the practice of Kuladevata worship has been totally wiped out from our families, perhaps since four to five generations. But at least a few still continue this practice with total dedication and devotion and achieve their best results in all respects.

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