Monday, May 26, 2008


All the spiritual texts proclaim that Shiva resides at the lotus of the Shasraara. This Shiva is nothing but pure Brahma. It has no colour, no form, no shape, no size nor any specific qualities attached to it. But to communicate with this Shiva, seated at the lotus at the Shasraara, there is no specific medium for the common man. Then, the only means possible is ,to bring the Shiva from the Shasraara to the Vishudhi chakram which is situated at the site of the heart. In other words, the bringing of Eeshwara (God) suited to one’s own needs, “ Hriddesha Pratishtikam”, so says the Geetha. In books like the
‘ Lalithasahasranaamam’, there is a usage- “Hridayavananthare”, which means , towards the interior of the forest of the heart. To be more specific, the heart is considered to be a wild forest. There are animal instincts lying hidden in every man, to some extent , what so ever. It gets transformed into selfishness, narrow-mindedness, cruelty and various other thoughts. The Sadhaka-the spiritual seeker, brings God into this forest, to share with Him, his visual flow of thoughts and feelings. To put it simply, the devotee sitting in this dense forest called heat, is actually a rustic, and one who is communicating with none other than the Eeshwara in rustic form. The Sadhana or meditation on this rustic form of Shiva has created the above said ‘Vettakkorumakan’ form.

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